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Pura Agung Gunung Sari

Pura Agung Gunung Sari is one of the attractions that are frequented by tourists visiting Lombok Island. This temple is located 4 kilometers from Mataram and is above Gunung Sari hills, West Lombok an [...]

Monkey Forest Baun Pusuk

Monkey Forest Pusuk, so people call it like its name, pusuk which means peaks, Monkey Forest Baun Pusuk offers a beautiful and natural conditions and the location of the peak refreshing as it is in th [...]


Sesaot tourist area is one of the natural tourist destination located in the Narmada region. Sesaot is one of the tours of protected forest which is located approximately 5 miles north of Suranadi par [...]

Suranadi Park

Suranadi Park is a conservation area located in Narmada districts, West Lombok and about 13 km east from Mataram city. The name of Suranadi is a combination of two words namely "Sura" meaning God and [...]

Sasak Traditional House (Sade, Rembitan)

Lombok Island has many traditional villages that became known as one of the tourist destination that offers each beauty and advantages, one of them is Sade hamlet in Rambitan Village, Central Lombok. [...]

Sangkareang Park

Sangkareang Park is a park located on Lombok Island, precisely at jln. Pejanggik, Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara province. Public square or park better known as Sangkareang a crowded place visited by you [...]

Selagalas Green Park

Selagalas Green park is a city park located in the city of Mataram which was built under the Mataram city government, in the administration of Mayor TGH. Ahyar Abduh and Vice Mayor H. Mohan Roliskana, [...]

Kebon Roek Traditional Market

Kebon Roek Traditional Market is a market that was very appropriate to obtain various types of local needs after bored with the food in your country, then this market is a place that you have to visit [...]