Jul 23, 2014

Kebon Roek Traditional Market is a market that was very appropriate to obtain various types of local needs after bored with the food in your country, then this market is a place that you have to visit. You can get various types of needs among like: Fruits and vegetables, fish (fresh and dried), a basket with a variety of colorful, spices and seeds, freshly slaughtered cow, palm sugar, bricks, paste and craft which you can get a cheaper price than you can find elsewhere in the area of ââWest Lombok.

Traditional market gardener Roek established in the 1990s, is located around the old town area (Ampenan) and including into Mataram city. Kebon Roek traditional market is a market like the ordinary market in general, In 2007 this market in renovations to become what it is. The structure of the market when viewed from the outside looks like  only two floors, but if you are already inside you will find 4 floors that sell various kinds of needs that have been specified. This market is a great in addition to have also provided other facilities such as toilets and mosque. Your trip in Lombok island will not be complete without visiting Kebun Roek market.