Aug 8, 2014

Monkey Forest Pusuk, so people call it like its name, pusuk which means peaks, Monkey Forest Baun Pusuk offers a beautiful and natural conditions and the location of the peak refreshing as it is in the forest area of Rinjani. Baun Pusuk forest road look very beautiful, like a winding hilltop with views of lush protected forests accompanied by the sounds of nature are amazing. However, be sure to plan the vehicle speed when crossing this area because it is not rare to be found monkeys that kept socialize and play in the street. To travel more fun, try to walk down the forest, fresh and clean air will make visitors feel very healthy and fresh. Down the forest with very pleasant walk. Do not be afraid of the monkeys there, they were already familiar with the arrival of the visitors so it will not hurt anyone, but you should also remain cautious and not to disturb the herd of monkeys that live in the Monkey Forest Pusuk.

Pusuk forest is a part of the Rinjani forest area by tourists both domestic and abroad is usually used as a stopover when going to visit Sendang Gila and Tiu Teja waterfall that is already very well known in the country and in mancanegara as the stunning waterfall. It is located in the village of Senaru, Bayan district, North Lombok regency and a gateway Rinjani mountain climbing. However, before arriving at the location of the tour, we will go through Baun Pusuk forest and there is no harm if we stop for a moment because Baun Pusuk forest also able to make our trip more enjoyable.