Jul 25, 2014

Lombok Island has many traditional villages that became known as one of the tourist destination that offers each beauty and advantages, one of them is Sade hamlet in Rambitan Village, Central Lombok. Sade village is usually used as a stopover for tourists after or before visiting the beach resort which is located in the southern part of Lombok island (Kuta Beach areas).

Visiting this village is a rare opportunity, because by visiting this village you can witness the indigenous Sasak tribes that are indigenous Lombok Island. Here you can also see the different types of their handicrafts and unique one and the main attraction of this village is a traditional custom home of sasak tribe which made ââfrom wood, bamboo and thatched leaves from dry reeds, and the most unique of this traditional house was in the floor that is periodically smeared with a cow manure with the intention to be free from annoying mosquitoes attack and besides it is also believed to be fortified from the distractions that are magical. As for the smell of the dirt will disappear when it dries. The traditional house has only 2 rooms are the front and the inside, the front room reserved for men and mothers, while the inside room was for women who are single. This part of the room has a layout that is higher than the front room. Before leaving this village, you can buy various types of local handicrafts as souvenirs of which is cloth weaving, wood carving or a key chain.

How to get there

To visit the traditional village of Sade was very easy, From BIL / Lombok international airport, you can use a personal vehicle or charter car with the route heading to the south of Lombok island. No official rates to enter the area of this village, but in front of the entrance there are required to fill the list of visits and also "donation" roughing that will be used to Sade's own community.