Jul 23, 2014

Selagalas Green park is a city park located in the city of Mataram which was built under the Mataram city government, in the administration of Mayor TGH. Ahyar Abduh and Vice Mayor H. Mohan Roliskana, SH. The park located in the eastern part of Mataram city, exactly in front of the Mental Hospital Selagalas east Cakranegara, and 1 Km to the left of the intersection Sweta.

At first glance this park look like as housing that will be built, but this tiny park is equipped with a parking area and volleyball court as well as a vehicle for game / outbound for children, which include cars driving game, ladder-of starting, and so forth you will find a merchant on the left and right of the road, which provides various kinds of snacks and traditional food on Lombok island. In this park, you can find a cage in which there is a monkey from pusuk, right on the edge of the cage you can see this large family buildings such as a hall, this is a gathering place for visitors while enjoying food that has been purchased. The building is arguably cleaner for visitors who come to raise banned sandals or shoes when going in this building.

At the southern end there is a way to walk around that is filled with small pebbles and smooth. Suitable for rheumatism sufferers who need a messages on foot. and do not forget to your fishing hobby, here too there are areas of fishing.