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Lombok has now become a top choice for tourists. Known for its breathtaking natural beauty, Lombok offers a variety of charms, from beautiful small islands and captivating beaches to rich underwater life. The Mandalika Circuit and Mount Rinjani are also favorites among visitors seeking adventure. We provide comprehensive information about holiday activities in Lombok, including Lombok Tours and Lombok tour packages. Whether you're looking to relax on the beach or embark on a hiking adventure, Lombok has everything to fulfill your vacation desires.

Through the Lombok Tours program, you can explore the beauty of Lombok Island, both its natural and underwater attractions. Lombok boasts numerous spots worth visiting, although one day may not be enough, especially if you plan to explore Mount Rinjani. Lombok Tours will guide you to enjoy small islands like Gili Nanggu, Gili Layar, and Gili Gede. Cultural and culinary experiences in Lombok are also available to enrich your holiday, with various local cuisines ready to tantalize your taste buds.

For a smoother vacation experience in Lombok, we highly recommend choosing our Lombok tour packages. Our programs are incredibly versatile and can be customized to fit your vacation schedule seamlessly. By opting for a Lombok tour package, you can leave behind the worries of arranging accommodation, transportation, and planning your itinerary—all these essentials are carefully curated into a single, hassle-free package and worried about costs. Rest assured, we offer competitively priced Lombok tour packages that can be tailored to meet your budgetary needs.


Book Fast Boat Tickets Around Bali and Lombok

To facilitate your trip to Lombok, Bali, or Gili Islands, our company has forged partnerships with several prominent Lombok fast boats and Gili fast ferry companies, ensuring smooth island-to-island transfers. In addition to these convenient services, we are dedicated to addressing your holiday needs directly, offering tailored services to ensure your vacation aligns perfectly with your preferences. Whether at home or on the move, our online platform allows you to explore and select activities across Lombok, Bali, Komodo, and other islands featured on our website. Use our chat service to inquire about and book attractions or holiday packages that catch your interest, ensuring a hassle-free planning experience. Below are relevant keywords for finding your best transfer route around Bali and Lombok.

  • The ferry route from Bali to the Gili Islands and Lombok is one of the busiest in the region. Fast boats depart from Padangbai Harbor to Gili Trawangan, Gili Air, and Lombok, with the direct Padangbai to Gili Trawangan crossing taking 1 hour and 30 minutes. From Gili Trawangan, it's a quick 15-minute journey to Gili Air before reaching Bangsal Harbor in Lombok, making the total travel time from Bali to Lombok approximately 2 hours. About ten fast boat operators run daily services from Padangbai to Lombok.
  • The route from Bali to Nusa Penida/Nusa Lembongan is the second busiest, with nearly 15 fast boats providing direct crossings from Sanur Harbor. The journey typically takes 30-45 minutes, with ticket prices varying between USD 6-12 per person. Sanur Harbor, a significant hub meeting international standards, facilitates thousands of daily crossings to Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan.
  • Pioneering operators like Ekajaya Fast Ferry, Bluewater Express, and Gili Getaway also offer significant routes from Serangan to the Gili Islands and Lombok. The journey takes at least 3 hours, and ticket prices start at USD 28 per person during regular seasons and rise to USD 35 during peak holidays.
  • The Lombok to Gili Islands route offers three boat options: Public Boats starting at USD 2, private speed boats from USD 35, and Karya Bahari speedboats priced around USD 8 per person. These boats cater to locals commuting to the Gili Islands and tourists seeking convenient and quick transfers.


Lombok Tour Service

Lombok Tour Service

Lombok Tour Service is a tour program service that will bring you to visit some tourist attractions on Lombok Island. We provide several Tour packages in this site that you can choose to make your holidays more easiest and save, you have an opportunity to visit more places only in one click, it will be more complete and suitable choice to save your money. In addition, these are some attr...

Fast Boat

Wahana Virendra Fast Boat


Wahana Virendra fast boat operates from Padangbai harbor in Bali, offering multiple daily ...

Gili Cat


Gili Cat was the first fast boat company which is offer a daily boat service from Bal...

Semayaone Fast Cruise


Semayaone Fast Cruises is newly started fast boat service in Bali, offers easiness, effici...

Mount Rinjani Trekking

Mount Rinjani Trekking

Mount Rinjani Trekking is a cruising course / climbing toward the summit of Mount Rinjani which is the second highest volcano in Indonesia with an altitude of 3,726 m above sea level located in Lombok island. Mount Rinjani offers incredible natural beauty and some climbers reveal the dazzling of Mount Rinjani is one of the best trekking locations in Southeast Asia. If you wanna do adventure ...

Popular Packages

Rinjani Trekking Summit 2 Days - 1 Night

2 Days - 1 Night

Rinjani Trekking Summit is a special program to reach the summit of Mount Rinjani 3726 M.

Rinjani Trekking 3 Days - 2 Nights

3 Days - 2 Nights

Best Adventure to Mount Rinjani to explore most of the trekking point; Crater Rim, Summit, Lake, Hot Spring and cave of Gunung Baru

Gili Nanggu Tour

8 Hours

One of the private Island in Lombok, Named Gili Nanggu, offers beautiful white sandy beach, friendly fish and colorful corals