Jun 5, 2014

Tanjung Bloam is a turtle conservation area that has the habitat around the cliffs, and along the coastline stretching from the northern tip to the southern tip. Moreover, this place has a natural beauty that is still natural because not much visited by tourists. In addition, Tanjung Bloam has stunning beauty of the rocks stones. Two of the rocks cliffs flanking of the exotic Tanjung Bloam. On the left, cliffs shaped like a pastry dumplings. Being on the right side was irregularly shaped rock and jutting toward the coast. The yellowish cliffs color combined with black colour, make it look very contrast with the blue color of the sea water.

The natural beauty of the beach and around more visible if we go up to the hill on the west coast. Tanjung Bloam has similar panorama with Tanjung Ringgit which is also surrounded by the rocks. Tanjung Bloam waves are big enough, so it is suitable for surfing sports. You will be treated to a stretch of soft white sand, blue sea water and very clear. This panorama was interrupted by the occasional fisherman and forth to catch fish by using wooden boat on the beach.

This location can be reached by using four wheel drive vehicles to the destination location. Tanjung Bloam located on the South Island of Lombok and can be reached via the same route to the Kaliantan beach, because it was relatively close. 

How to get there

To reach Tanjung Bloam, we will spend 2.5 hours travel from Mataram. Prior to Tanjung Ringgit, you can turn right. There you will find a small road that can only be passed one car only. About 500 meters from the corner there is a small pavilion that shows we've arrived at Tanjung Bloam. During the location, we are offered a barren landscape of this region. Unlike the other parts of Lombok abundant water, the road to Tanjung Bloam tend arid and barren.