Jun 5, 2014

Kaliantan Beach is one of tourist destination on Lombok island, precisely in the southern part of Lombok island, East Lombok, precisely in Jerowaru district. Kaliantan beach has very beautiful natural scenery and the physical condition of the coastal area is characterized among others: material sand grain type and color texture resembles as a pepper, as well as coral reefs appeared to be an object for snorkeling and ocean wave activity are sufficient for Surfing activities it become the main tourism attraction for Kaliantan beach. The beautiful Kaliantan beach panorama peaked when dusk, People often call it the golden sunset because of the stunning scenery. Moreover, this beach was rarely visited by tourists.

In addition to the appeal natural scenery, Kaliantan Beach also has one of the Tourist Attraction which is ceremonial activities such as cultural ceremonies "Bau Nyale". Bau Nyale is a party of the people to catch marine animals form / type of worm marine. This event takes place between the months of February-March where nearly half of the population of Lombok island come to this beach to follow the series of events share held by some people of Lombok, Nyale is a kind of worm or marine animals, according to popular belief some people around has efficacy and may give a blessing, for example be able to repel a variety of diseases / pests of plants that exist in the field, so it is believed to increase agricultural output. The event of Bau Nyale is an attraction that can be used as a mainstay tour packages for this tourist area.

How to get there

Kaliantan beach can be reached via travel from Mataram City to the East towards East Lombok with a travel time of 1 (one) hour and continuing southward through the District Sikur - Sakra - Keruak - Jerowaru - Pemongkong - Kaliantan with additional travel time approximately 90 minutes. The travel time to reach the coast from the center of the District Jerowaru about 30 minutes with a distance of ± 23 km, and 2.5 hours from the airport with a distance of ± 92 km.