Jul 7, 2014

Buaq beach has been known as a surfer’s paradise beach in Lombok island. Indeed, not many peoples knows the beach as the surf spot. Buaq beach located at the southern end of Gerupuk beach. The waves of buaq beach mainstay by the local and foreign surfers.The wave of the beach were challenging because it has a long barrel, Buaq beach served great waves for surfer but also can be a paradise for the landscaper, it’s really appropriate as spot nature photography.

There are some spot that you can choose such as a cluster hill of buaq beach, Buaq beach has a white sandy beach and shaped like a pepper. When you noticed to see the view of the sea water then it will look like a blue carpet mat. it was really clear sea water with blue colour. In addition to the above spot, there also a beach in the outside Buaq beach, which will attracts your attention, beyond buaq beach located a dyke which looks like a pyramid. The dyke is a dyke hole which is about 200 meters from the shoreline. Unpopulated dyke is often used as objects by the landscaper because of the unique shape. That a deficiency in the absence of a buaq beach inn, but for that matter we could stay at Gerupuk beach that has been providing homestay, hotel and so on. Or if you want a more complete facility, we can stay in Kuta area which is not far from Buaq beach  and Gerupuk beach.

How To get there

The beach can be reached via 3 routes. The first route we could walk down the beach towards the south Gerupuk for about 30 minutes. The second route we could ride a motorcycle in a way splitting Gerupuk surrounding hills, the distance is approximately 20 minutes, our motorcyle can be deposited in buaq beach fishing village. The third route we can cross by boat that has been provided on the pier Gerupuk beach. The third route is typically used by foreign tourists. The distance from Gerupuk to buaq beach just 15 minutes.