Jun 10, 2014

If you have plans for a vacation or heading to Lombok or Gili islands, you can use fast boat service from Bali as the easy way. Departing from Padang bay, Serangan and Sanur port,  you can crossing to get to Lombok or Gili by using Fast Boat only a hour with complete equipment in accordance with safety standards for passengers.

The trip from Bali to Lombok and Gili or returning from Bali to Lombok can be fine tuned by sea transport (fast boat), fast boat from Bali to Lombok in this area is the fastest and easiest way of transportation with capacity (30-90 seat passenger) The fast boat made fiber backed by a 800 HP - 2000 HP engine (depending on size). A cruise ship that has a normal speed about 30 knots in normal weather. All of the Fast boat stop in the harbor of Lombok, so you can use a fast boat by the time / departure port preferences. The following are the names of the Fast Boat that you can use to get to Lombok or Gili including:

  • Mahi - Mahi Dewata (Padang Bay-Teluk Nara-Gili / 1.5 hour drive).
  • Semaya One Fast Cruise (Padang Bay-Lombok (Senggigi) and Gili Trawangan/1.5 hours)).
  • Scoot Fast Cruise (Sanur-Nusa Lembongan-Gili Air-Senggigi- Gili Trawangan).
  • Ocean Star Express (Padang Bay-Lombok (Teluk Nara)-Gili Air- Gili Trawangan/1.5jam)).
  • Marina Srikandi (Padang Bay-Senggigi-Gili Trawangan and Gili Air)
  • Kuda Hitam Express (Amed-Gili Trawangan-Gili Meno and Gili Air-Bangsal/45menit)
  • Gili Gili Fast Boat (Padang Bay-Lombok (Teluk Nare)-Gili Air and Gili Trawangan/1.5 hours)
  • Gili Cat (Padang Bay-Lombok-Gili islands)
  • Blue Water Express (Serangan-Gili Trawangan and Lombok)
  • Wahana Gili Ocean (Padang bay-Lombok (Senggigi)-Gili Trawangan)

These are some of the reasons why you need to travel by Fast Boat :

  • By using Fast Boat the distance between Bali and Lombok can be reached within 1.5 hours.
  • You can enjoy the sundeck and satisfactory service
  • You can book a ticket easily do not need to queue length
  • Fast Boat provide shuttle service
  • Your comfort and safety are insured